On the road again

Back in the saddle, back to the old routine. I knew I would miss Myla but I was also excited to get back to the wild places and to earn the sights I… Continue reading

A tourist on the Adriatic

Back in Zadar, Myla and I embarked on some good old fashioned tourism. I’m really straying from the pervue of this blog now though so I’ll keep the words short and focus on… Continue reading

Wwoofing in Croatia

When my bike rolled onto the baggage reclaim at Zadar I whooped for joy. We spent the night in the city and the next day were picked up by our host, Goran, and… Continue reading

A change of plans (and a bit of reflection)

Myla’s plan after Istanbul was to try Wwoofing in Croatia – and I decided to join her. Enthusiasm for this idea was mutual (I believe!). This was a particularly neat plan because from… Continue reading


After a week in Istanbul we flew South to Çıralı. Istanbul was an enlightening cultural experience and now I felt I’d earned some sun, sand, rest and recuperation without having to cycle there… Continue reading

About Istanbul

Istanbul, what a place! It has taken me a while to get around to writing about the city because there is so much to say. I stayed here with Myla, whom I’d met… Continue reading

The approach to Istanbul by bike

I’m going to talk specifically about the route we took from Edirne to Istanbul here. This is to advise others researching the approach to Istanbul for whom this might crop up on Google.… Continue reading


I’m there! 2600 miles, 82 days, 12 countries. I got here on the 31st but have been enjoying myself too much to post anything so this is a little overdue. Istanbul is an… Continue reading

Into Turkey

I arrived in Turkey in the late evening, weary and hungry, but I was soon to be enchanted. Once off the main road a smell like minty Christmas trees filled the air. Things… Continue reading


I entered Serbia on a dusty back road but left it on a busy A-road. On the Serbian side the bored looking man threw away the documents I’d carefully collected without even pretending… Continue reading