I have made quick progress since reaching the Danube, knocking out one hundred – mile days, “centuries” in the trade. So it only took two days to reach Serbia from Budapest, the city… Continue reading

Budapest (revised)

To use a overused adjective (especially by me) Budapest is the most vibrant city I have ever visited. I don’t want to leave this place! I booked myself into my fourth hostel today… Continue reading


One morning of head-down riding took me from Vienna over the Slovakian border to Bratislava. The marshmallow-esque art neaveau Blue Church was a highlight, as was the still, peaceful Slavin Memorial of WW2… Continue reading

Rural Czech, the Danube and Vienna

The ride from Prague to Vienna was a good one. Although the temperature is becoming uncomfortable (at the time of writing it is pushing mid 30s) the topography was perfect for cycling –… Continue reading


Prague isn’t so much a city of beer but the capital of the nation of beer. The Czechs are the highest beer consumers of the world and drink on average 1.5 litres of… Continue reading

River Elbe, Sandstone Mountains and curious noises

The Elbe will carry me through the Saxon Switzerland national park towards Prague. I know nothing of the history here so you will be spared with photographs only.     Although there is… Continue reading


Dresden always sounded a dull and dreary place to me, though I’d never heard or read a thing about it. The name just conjured images of heavy industry and possibly sweaty basement clubs.… Continue reading


Berlin. Home of the donner kebab and city of beer. The only thing more proliferant here than the former is the latter. Kiosks sell it, corner shops are stacked high with it and… Continue reading

Leipzig and Potsdam

Leipzig is surrounded by open pit mines that have been flooded to form artificial lakes. They even have sandy beaches – squint and it could be the Med. I stopped for a few… Continue reading

Eisenach and Erfurt

A couple of days are spent winding along the river Sieg and through the surrounding forests. Sunday is blisteringly hot again and a heat haze rises off the tarmac. I even start seeing… Continue reading