Upwards and Onwards

I have spent a relaxing couple of weeks here on the farm, eating nutella, putting on weight and growing my beard. I feel like the appearance of my beard has passed from it’s… Continue reading

Holland, Deutschland and a bit of a hiccup

A day’s ride took me on to the edge of the Dutch border. I arrived at an unusual sculpture(?) and slept in it. Waiting for darkness to fall there was a great view… Continue reading

On to Antwerp

A very flat and repetitive 70 miles took me to Antwerp on Thursday. It was a public holiday so with no shops open all I had to eat was the rest of my… Continue reading

In Bruges

A tail wind whisked me along the pancake – flat landscape into Bruges yesterday. Ralph Fiennes description of the city is bang on. Swans swan, windmills mill and bells… chime. The famous belfry… Continue reading

Take off

In a frenzy of downloading maps and music my phone broke down at midnight before my planned departure (it was nearing it’s third birthday, it was going to happen sooner or later). Delayed… Continue reading

Almost Famous

The wonderful Halim from Future Cycles (my local bike shop) has laden me with spare chains, tubes, cables and various other parts for my trip. In return I will wear one of his… Continue reading


Long hair and long haul travel don’t get along – especially sleeping rough without the opportunity to regularly wash it. I have learned that for myself. So with a choice between dreadlocks and short hair… Continue reading

Hello there

On Saturday I am going to get on my bike and set off for Istanbul. If all goes to plan I will pass through Belgium, Germany, Czech Rupublic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and… Continue reading